Bridges of the Medway

….or ♪ ♪ Sous Les Ponts ♫………..

Just a few snaps I took of the lower Medway River and its bridges while out paddling last week.

Looking down-river:

This is the old train trestle bridge, now part of a multi-use trail. 


Heading up-river towards Mill Village:

The Medway River bridge on Highway 103.


A small bridge on a side road off Old Highway 3. Surprisingly, there was quite a strong tidal current under here.


Approaching the Old Highway 3 bridge in Mill Village.


On the upper side of the Mill Village Bridge past the store. This is as far as we went as it got shallow and rocky here.


The Riverbank General Store in Mill Village. We might have tried to land here had we not brought a picnic.

Next time we will explore the mouth of the Medway below the trestle bridge.

© Judy Parsons 2017

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