Writing exercise #7, Sunday January 20, 2013:


Grey Day

It is a winter Sunday and with chin on hand I stare at chilled grey seawater through a scrim of melting snow which drips steadily off the grey roof tiles into a thin scraggly snow trench.

A grey car drives past on wet grey pavement fringed by winter weary snow under a pewter sky as grey as a gull’s back, as grey as a cold lump of lead.

I long for days when the diamond strewn snow is too silly to melt and goes right to vapours like bedazzled magicians assistants vanishing before our very eyes and reappearing in the evening sky as stars in Orion’s belt.

How sublime.

I long for brighter days when cerulean blue water beckons the bottoms of small boats to shed their barnacles and slip over the landwash for a cleansing frolic in spring tides.

How Grey today.

What’s your hurry winter? –  Here’s your hat!

How grey today.

Today’s Blog entry was brought to you by the colour GREY.

(c) Judy Parsons 2013



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