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Tales From Riverbend 30/04/2023

In which Doris settles back into her Florida home and Ken and Sven do some sightseeing on their way home from dropping her off. Doris is cat-sitting Chili for a few months because Ken and Sven have decided to spend the summer at their camp. They’ll be a few weeks getting settled in so stay […]

Around the World in 235 Days

There are some extraordinary people on this planet and here is one of them. Kirsten Neuschäfer just won the Golden Globe Race 2022 in which she sailed her boat solo 30,000 miles around the world using only a sextant for navigation. The last competitor I got this excited about was Silken Laumann back during the […]

Tales from Riverbend 26/04/2023

Sven is such a sensitive fellow…… © Judy Parsons 2023

Tales from Riverbend 23/04/2023

It seems to be time to make some plans down at Riverbend. © Judy Parsons 2023

Tales From Riverbend 16/04/2023

Waste not, want not. © Judy Parsons 2023

Tales from Riverbend 09/04/2023

It is Easter down at Riverbend. Let’s go see what they are up to. Happy Easter everyone. © Judy Parsons 2023

Tales from Riverbend: 02/04/2023

In which Doris shows off her new knits. © Judy Parsons 2023