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On the Sixth Day of Christmas

…My True Love Gave to Me Down at Florida Seaside Villa Lancelot: There, that’s the last one dear. Judith: The last one of what, honey? Lancelot: The last of the manatees. You said you wanted manatees. Judith: Sweetie, you really should look into those hearing aids. I may have said “more trees”, not “manatees”. But they’re […]

On the Fifth Day of Christmas

My True Love Gave to Me…. Down at Florida Seaside Villa Lancelot: Honey, just wait til you see what a deal I got on white balls. Judith: Oh sweetie, the pattern on them matches the little sleigh ornament Aunt Millie sent! Lancelot: Meant to be dear. Bought four, got one free. Judith: My gracious, if […]

On The Fourth Day of Christmas

..My True Love Gave to Me Down at Florida Seaside Villa Judith: Oh honey, four little angels!! Might as well set them up inside. But what’s with that odd one out? Lancelot: It was buy three, get one free, on Christmas items at the Goodwill. Judith: Well she is just a little rustic but quite […]

On the Third Day of Christmas

…My True Love Sent to Me Down at Florida Seaside Villa Judith: Oh those penguins are so precious dear, but better bring them inside. Too easy to carry them off. Lancelot: But I got them with little built in bells so we can hear them being moved. Nifty, eh? Judith: Over your snores? Better bring them […]

On the First Day of Christmas

…My True Love Gave to Me It might have been the cheap strawberry flavoured wine, or the candy I found left in a box that I thought was empty (what did those Nuns put in their caramels?) I dunno. I lay down for a minute and next thing you know I was transported to Christmas […]

Merry Christmas

Whether Christmas finds you in the National Park   or the Trailer Park May it be filled with comfort and joy.  Merry Christmas from all of us here at Judy P’s Tickle Trunk © Judy Parsons 2017

Second Thanksgiving

..or So Much to Be Thankful For. So much that it seems silly to specify and I’m not just saying that because I am too stuffed to sit upright. Wonder if there’s another country out there about to celebrate Thanksgiving. But I suppose three Thanksgiving dinners would really be pushing the limit. Guess I’ll just […]

Happy Thanksgiving

…or Seasonally confused. Yesterday I heard Christmas music playing in the stores while I was out shopping for Thanksgiving dinner stuff. What ever happened to the idea that to every thing there is a season? Wait, didn’t I already do Thanksgiving? Sure I did, back in October, when I was putting up the Halloween decorations. […]

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day 2017

…..or Sláinte Play safe whether you’re Irish or not – you might end up in clink!! © Judy Parsons 2017

Happy Detoxing Day

…..or In Pillory I’m completely over the pox Constitution as strong as an ox But I’d like a wee glass As I sit on me ass So be a doll and open these stocks! Thank God the Twelve Days of _oxing are over and done with. Now before you run out and schedule a real […]