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Happy Easter

Easter is so much easier than Christmas, don’t you think? A few eggs, church for those so inclined, four days off if you are civil service, and it always lands on a weekend. The only hard part is figuring out the date it is going to arrive. And just one big meal to cook. Did […]

On the First Day of Christmas 2019

….My true love sent to me:

Waste Not, Want Not

…or Santy Says have a Thrifty Christmas. I’ve got tons of cheap little wooden ornaments and some pretty funky Santa Clauses from the thrift store. What to do with them all? Santy said “Make yerself a wreath.” So I did, but it did require some investment. I needed spray paint for the knobs I salvaged […]

Turkey Day part 1

…….won’t you please join us for 2nd Thanksgiving. 1st Thanksgiving being Canadian Thanksgiving which we celebrated with family and friends back in October. I know, it’s a little late to join us now – the turkey is reduced to sliced meat and broth but maybe next year. Here’s how we do the Tickle Trunk thanksgiving […]

Christmas, Day Twelve – Part 1

…or On the Last Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave to Me: a free pass to the 12th day of Christmas Beachfest. Down at Seaside Villa: Tamara: Judith, I just love your new dress. Did you get it just for the Beachfest? Judith: Oh this old thing? I’ve had it forever. Tamara: Is that […]

Christmas, Day Twelve – Part 2

…or On the Last Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave to Me: a free pass to the 12th Day of Christmas Barbecue and Bash. Over at the Trailer Park: Lannie: Check. Check one two. ♫ La La de Da ♪♪ Can I get a little more monitor there, Dave. Lannie: And can somebody clear those […]

Christmas, Day Eleven

…or On the Eleventh Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave to Me: A Scolding. Over at the Trailer Park: Joodles: All ready to hit the stage tomorrow? You’re not wearin’ that are ya? Lannie: Why? Nobody’s gonna see it behind my gee-tar. Joodles: Lannie, it’s got a conglomeration of stains that could be anything […]

Christmas, Day Ten

..or On the Tenth Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me: ingenious grandchildren. Over at the Trailer Park: Lannie: Come on kids, it’s time go set up the gear for the Seaside Festival. Randy: Okay but first you got to come with us. We drank so much Cola yesterday that we couldn’t sleep […]

Christmas, Day Nine

…or On the Ninth Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me: a new guitar. Down at Seaside Villa: Lancelot: So here’s the deal-e-o my little chicklets; Grandpa has to rehearse with The Cave Dwellers so I want you to listen to everything Brenda tells you, okay? Lawrence and Marilyn: Yes, Grandpa. Lawrence: Can […]

Christmas, Day Eight

…or On the Eighth Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave to Me: a hangover. Down at Seaside Villa Joodles: You’d better get up, dear. Lancelot: No, you get up. Joodles: No, you get up. There’s a ton to do and you promised to take the grandchildren tomorrow. Lancelot: No, that’s next week. Ooooh my […]