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Happy Mailboxing Day 2016

    Here in rural Florida they still deliver mail right to the mailbox at your house. If you put the little flag up they will even stop and pick up any mail you need posted. It is such a convenience that I dare not speak too loudly about it lest they stop. Mail is […]

Happy Soxing Day

It’s the little things that make for a good day, don’t you think? Like being able to identify a yellow-rumped warbler or admiring the perfection of a tiny acorn (although they sound like a gunshot when they hit the steel roof of our screen-porch)   I can be sent into raptures by finding a funky […]

Happy Boxing Day 2016

….or T’was The Day After Christmas Well it’s Boxing Day folks, and what do we do on Boxing Day? Play with our boxes of course!! For many years now I have relaxed on Boxing Day by doing a jigsaw puzzle. This year, so as not to inconvenience us by taking over the table, I built […]

Merry Christmas 2016

The election was such a calamity We feared for the state of humanity Needing something to hug A great hole we dug And ordered a quartet of manatee. SEASONS GREETINGS FROM OUR FLORIDA DOUBLE-WIDE Judy and Lance © Judy Parsons 2016 email comments to

What’s On Tonight

…..or A Quiet Evening In. © Judy Parsons 2016 Comments to

Double Chocolate Crinkles

…..or Bring on the Carbs! I made these dipped cookies last year using gingersnaps but wasn’t crazy about them. I don’t think ginger and white chocolate a good marriage make. That’s not to say that we didn’t scarf them all back, but I wouldn’t repeat the recipe. But they were so pretty I had to […]

Sad Day

It was with great apprehension that I drove over to Port Mouton to visit my friend Deb shortly after I received the news that she had a terminal illness. I had expected to find a depressed, possibly bitter woman who was angry at the world. Ha. Not Deb. There she sat in her lawn chair […]

Happy Thanksgiving #2

….or Happy American Thanksgiving You might find it hard to be thankful these days but really, sit back and look at what you’ve got and think again. Besides that, Huffington Post has informed me that the Dalai Lama has no worries about the new president so I feel a little reassured. Anyhow, we really shouldn’t […]

Post Halloween Debriefing

….or You Do the Math. Well, it’s all over now but the dieting. 35 bags of Sun Chips. 30 Coffin Crisp bars. 25 kids. You do the math. How many belt notches equals one size increment? Why was I craving Count Chocula this morning? Why can’t it be  Trick or Treat or Trade as in “I will […]

Happy Halloween

…..or I Hope the Rain Keeps Up. Because then I get to eat all of the left-over treats. Ngyaaaah-ha-ha (how do you spell maniacal laughter?). Now where is my black cat? Made myself some spooky Pinterest inspired decorations.     Had to glam it up a little: © Judy Parsons 2016 Click on any picture […]