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The Berry Pickers

…….or New Work by JG Parsons. I needed a birthday gift for my Mother. What do you give an octogenarian who just downsized? Some good memories, I hope.       The painting is called “I Vow to Pick Them All”. Mom said she liked it. I was relieved. © Judy Parsons 2016 Click on any picture […]

Berry Heaven

….Blueberry heaven that is, blue gold, Newfie tea¹…..  The call came early: “Want to go berry-picking?” The response was swift “Yes, indeed I do?” Me and blueberries go way back and even as a kid I never turned down an invitation to go picking. My first watercolour was a bunch of blueberries and I embroidered […]

Berry Fun

…or I’m an Adult Now and I Can Play with My Food if I Want To. While I was in Newfoundland my sister served us freshly picked blueberries with our breakfast.       I loves blueberries!! I loves breakfast at Mary’s cabin. © Judy Parsons 2015 Don’t miss another post – subscribe today on […]