What Am I At Now?

…..Making Masks and Pandemic Projects.

I needed a mask so I made one. I made it drab so as not to draw too much attention. It coordinates well with mechanics coveralls or Sashiko jackets. Turns out these masks work extremely well as reusable dust masks if you line them with a piece of blue shop towel.

Howdy Pardner

Nothing better to get my rear in gear than a project. With all this pandemic prepping I found myself in desperate need of storage space for the extra dry goods. And so began the Pandemic Pantry Project.
There is a little room off our kitchen that had three closet rods and a lot of junk. We used the front rod for jackets and the rear ones held shirts that haven’t seen the light of day in ten years or more. We purged.

Before. It doesn’t get much more 1970s reno shabby plaid chic than this folks. Shudder.

The 3′ by 4′ room was an add-on back when the house (built in the mid 1800s) was split up into two units. If you didn’t already know it was a bathroom at one time (there is an old plumbing pipe directly below in the basement leading from there to nowhere), the vintage Barker tile is a dead give-away. I Googled Barker tile to find the name of the pattern. I couldn’t find much about it other than that it lowers the value of your real estate. I’m going for function not beauty here so I will be keeping it for two reasons. One, it will be hidden behind the stuff on the shelves and two, who knows what lurks beneath it. I also found other clues to the room’s prior function.

I was surprised to find the roll holder still there. Such a classy piece of work. I’d gladly trade it for two rolls of decent quality toilet paper. Screws included.

This little door opened to reveal a cute little louvered vent. It is now shingled over on the outside. I think I’ll hide a slim surprise in there for the next renovator. Any suggestions?

No exit.

The old window opening will become my spice shelf. And isn’t that just the best firkin’ wire you’ve ever seen? A real find.

Name that pattern

So if you can identify this pattern and its approximate vintage you might just win one of my super-duper ring bling blog rings.


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