Self Isolation Day 3

….or Nothing to See Here

By day three we were rested and caught up on caffeine and puttering about the house organizing things. We’d had eggs delivered and, many thanks to Gail, lacked for nothing. But after reading the news I got to worrying about the virus again and wished for a roll of caution tape to wrap around the house. After all, the virus could be out there sunbathing on our doorknob or our railings. I would wipe them down but as I said earlier, we didn’t buy Lysol wipes. Wonder if a good swabbing with a pickled artichoke heart would work. Anyhow, after reading a quote online I got inspired and posted this on the front door:

Well said, Hugh Laurie, well said.

I regret the all-caps of staying apart, it kind of reeks of STAY AWAY and I’m really not that pushy, but I don’t want anyone to suffer at my expense either. So far we are both fine but you never know. I have read several stories about vigilant travelers who still caught the bug. Well, not so much “caught” as I believe that word shows intent. “Came in contact with” would seem a better description or “picked up” like a nasty little hitch-hiker who hops aboard your car when you pull over to get a lemon drop from the glove box. Speaking of reading about the virus, this Maclean’s article reflects a lot of my own experience and makes some excellent points.

Otherwise day 3 was relatively unremarkable. Now excuse me, I have to watch this Youtube video called “How to Cut Your Own Hair.”

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