Turkey Day part 2

…or What the Turkey Thought

Gobbles: Brace yourself boy. As senior turkey ’round here, it’s my duty and my pleasure, to instruct junior turkeys in the ancient art of turkeydom. There’s some tough lessons to be learned. Take that turkey for example….
Li’l Buddy: I don’t see no turkeys, Daddy.
Gobbles: you sees ’em now, Sonny, you sees ’em now. Just check out yon tabletop. That, sonny, is roast turkey.

Li’l Buddy: Why are they givin’ it all that food if it’s already dead?
Gobbles: That’s not for the turkey, Sonny, that’s part of the ritual. See that woman over yonder…

Gobbles: ….she may look all innocent enough but that’s a turkey leg she’s holdin’ up.

Gobbles: Oh the horror! Don’t look Li’l Buddy. I’ll let you know when it’s all over.

But for Li’l Buddy it was like a bad car accident; he was appalled by the horror but couldn’t tear his eyes away.

Gobbles: Come away now son. I know where there’s a nice little pumpkin patch we can raid. Tell ya what, if you’re a good little turkey you can have all the albino ones. Them’s special, like spirit pumpkins.

Gobbles: Check out these philosophical question Thanksgiving favours. Mine asks “What are you most thankful for today?” I’d have to say it’s that I’m not the unlucky feathered foul that fell under the cruel hands of that evil woman. She’s colder’n a nudist on an iceberg. What’s yer’s ask Li’l Buddy?

Li’l Buddy: Mine says “If you could be any human being which one would you be?” Neither one if they all eats turkeys! But if I had to really pick one it’d have ta be Greta Thunburg. She’s as cool as a codfish.
Gobbles: That’s a mighty fine choice, sonny, a mighty fine choice. Just let me reassure you that not all turkeys are for eatin’. Next Thanksgiving we’ll high-tail it to New York City to see a real turkey celebrity: Tom Turkey in the Macy’s parade. Now that’s a big bird.

© Judy Parsons 2019

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