Fresh Baked Bread

…or When Things Go A-Rye in the Land of Milk and Honey.

I got me a new bread machine cookbook. I use the machine a lot but only for the dough stage. I like the bread much better when baked in a conventional oven. I spied a recipe for honey and beer rye bread. How can you go wrong with beer?

The starter required milk, honey and yeast and was to work over three days so one really needs to plan ahead if one wishes to make this loaf. l have all the time in the world and my hips appreciate the delay. I mixed up my starter, made it a damp cozy, and set it aside to brew.

There’s a living creature under there….

It sure gave the kitchen a funky smell. The starter, like any living thing, required some care. Indeed, having a sourdough starter is kind of like owning a pet. The last time I checked it before I added the bread ingredients it actually burped at me!

My starter batter is burping and it hasn’t even had its beer yet.

All mixed up and ready to go. But what’s this?

Who the heck has a six inch square pan with high Sides? Not me, that’s who. I had to substitute with a regular loaf pan.
Risen and Ready to Roast.

I evaluate all my baked goods now as if I were the offspring of Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood (of the Great British Bake Off). So imagine me speaking these words in a rich British accent: “It’s over-baked. Nice height but a little under-proved. Good crumb. Nice flavour.”

Honey and beer rye bread.

Sorry I don’t have a photo of its innards – it got butchered while trying to slice it while it was still very hot. It was yummy with a nice sour-dough tang, a chewy texture and an unusual crispy crust. It would have been even better with ten minutes less in the oven. Drop in and try a slice. And feel free to help yourself to the half bottle of left-over flat beer.

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  1. Dianne's Gravatar Dianne
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    I could bring a slice of fresh baked banana bread.

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