I Can’t Get Enough of Kellie Loder

….or Kellie Loder Made Me Cry.

It’s true she did. No, no, she didn’t push me down or take my husband or anything bad like that. In fact, she doesn’t even know that I exist. What she did was sing, in perfect pitch, an inspirational song that she wrote. This was at the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival this August past. I only heard her sing the once at the Sunday morning gospel concert and I was smitten. Her CDs were all sold out at the ‘merch’ tent and I kind of forgot about her until I saw the following video on CBC, which features a song she wrote called Fearless. I haven’t been this taken with a singer-songwriter in a while. Sure, she’s like what I imagine Adele would be like if she was from Badger, Newfoundland (where Kellie hails from). Check it out for yourself (yes it starts with a cute puppy) and if you want more info on Kellie you can go to her home page where you can even buy a sticker that reads “Kellie Loder made me cry.” https://www.kellieloder.com/home

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