And What am I at Now?

…..or More Than I’ve Got Time to Tell

Taking a break.

It’s been a downright busy summer. We just got back from the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival; more on that in another post. Prior to that I had a real a rush on to finish three pieces for the Port Medway Lighthouse Art Show; two paintings and a hooked mat. It’s been hot and the studio tended to run a little over 33 degrees celsius. I had to wear a sock on my arm so the dripping sweat wouldn’t foul my watercolours. I persevered. I just attended the opening of the show earlier this evening; more on that in yet another post.

Then there was that weekend I attended the stone carving workshop at Lee Valley Tools.

Soapstone like putty in my hands.

It was fun and I fear I might have a new hobby if I can find a supplier of soapstone. I implore you to sign up for one of Lee Valley’s seminars. The instructors are great and you might even run into some old friends (Yes, like you Tripta)

Lloyd Stonehouse, our carving teacher. Wonder if his name had anything to do with his choice of craft 

My finished carving, sitting there in front of Lloyd, is more of a ‘wolf-like’ critter than the wolf I had envisioned but I wasn’t totally displeased with my effort. No time to fuss anyway because I had to move on to our biggest focus right now: the construction of a boathouse for Rosie, my Expedition Wherry. No, I’m not doing the carpentry, just some trim painting and fetching of coffee for my son and his crew.

It’s on the Medway River….. a tidal area near the mouth.

It’s going pretty well. Just little glitches; one day I forgot my ratty painting shoes and had to get a little creative with masking tape.

In the pink.

And speaking of feet, some vandal defiled the fresh concrete. Thanks little wayward birdie, you must have known I was regretting not making some fanciful marks of my own while it was still wet.

Progress is being made and since this photo there are windows and doors and some of the shingles on the sides. More on that in another post. (How many other posts is that I have promised so far?)

I might just have to call it Rosie’s Roost.

But poor Rosie will be so lonely in that little house on the water by herself. So tomorrow I leave to go to Maine to the Wooden Boat School to build her a buddy; a Tenderly Dinghy. But as the old girl said, more on that in another post……..

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