On the Seventh Day of Christmas

…My True Love Gave to Me….

Down at Florida Seaside Villa

Lancelot: Heh, heh, Judith is going to love these clearance Christmas trees.

Judith: Oh Lancelot, they remind me of winter back home. But Dear, Christmas Day is long gone and they do block the beautiful sunsets.

Meanwhile over at the Trailer Park

Joodles: Lannie come quick! Someone stole our house!!

Lannie: Ah quite yer bellowin’ girl, it’s still there. Jes can’t see it behind these discount trees I bought.
Joodles: Enough!! Enough with the lawn stuff! Christmas is half over for cryin’ out loud.

On the Seventh Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me
Seven Fake Coniferous Trees. 
(or just the cones of said trees, depending on where you live)

© Judy Parsons 2017

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