Happy Thanksgiving

…or Seasonally confused.

It's fall and snow birds are driving to southern homes.

Here’s a cookie cutter clue as to what I’m up to right now.

Yesterday I heard Christmas music playing in the stores while I was out shopping for Thanksgiving dinner stuff. What ever happened to the idea that to every thing there is a season? Wait, didn’t I already do Thanksgiving? Sure I did, back in October, when I was putting up the Halloween decorations. And packing up Christmas in a box to be delivered and held til December 25th. (Just a reminder my darlings: NO PEEKING. In the meantime I really can’t explain why I was knitting Easter chicks. If I start soon, why maybe I can have next Christmas packed up in a box and ready to roll before the spring birthday season starts. Why not rent a storage unit and get ahead for the next five Christmases. I can load up the stockings with left-over Halloween treats and Thanksgiving chocolate. What do you mean there is no such thing as Thanksgiving chocolate? How have the candy companies not latched onto that yet? Aaah, I see, it is in the clutches of the pumpkin spice people. It’s no wonder I’m confused.

Seasonally confused.

Thanksgiving was nowhere near done when the Halloween decor went up.


And they said Halloween treats were fattening.

Halloween was not even done done when the Christmas stuff started to appear….


Warming up for the festivities.

…and the Christmas decor started up long before the snow flew. At least the leaves are off the trees.


Oh me nerves, who let Easter in here???


But I really must get cracking with Thanksgiving Dinner number 2, American version. I’m doing an eclectic  North/South fusion of stuff : roast chicken (no dry old turkey for me thank you very much) with savoury flavoured doughboys instead of stuffing (choose your starches folks, shrink those love handles to the size of bucket handles) with gravy and brussels sprouts.  And cranberry jelly salad because it is pretty on the plate and makes chicken sandwiches taste oh so good the next day. Don’t worry, my red dye #2 reaction will only last til Christmas. Christmas. Aaaargh!!!!

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