Yer Mudder Loves Buns

Pizza buns for brunch.

I swear I would eat daddy-long-leg’s legs and turbot slime if you rolled it up in a bun. There’s something satisfying about pulling away the rolled strip with the filling stuck and nibbling down its length. I made these savoury buns for brunch Sunday past. If you wants to make yer own here’s how:

Make a small loaf worth of white bread dough in your breadmaker. I chose a recipe which had an egg and milk in it and added a little sugar. Let it rise until double. In the meantime, fry up a small onion until it is translucent and sticky. Add a grated clove of garlic or two, then a little over a half a pound of ground beef. Season it with whatever flavour you like. I used tex-mex seasoning and lots of oregano and a tidge of basil. A half teaspoon of cayenne gave it some zing. Add a little anise if you want to make it interesting. Salt and pepper as usual. Then add in a cup of tomato sauce and blend. Take the pan off the stove and stir in a cup of cheese. I used cheddar but Mozzarella would do.

Now roll out your dough into a rectangle, smear the filling on evenly and roll it up tightly. I cut it into sixteen pieces and put them on a large baking sheet. Top with cheese. Parmesan would be preferable but I was out so used more cheddar. Let them rise for 20 minutes or so and then bake for 18 to 20 minutes at 425 (preheat the oven). Some good.

A pizza bun is best eaten when hot from the oven but also makes a great picnic treat.

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