Today’s Costume: Artist

…..or The things I have Managed to Finish This Summer


Today’s costume: artist.

This past spring my brother gave me some beach glass and pottery shards he’d picked up at Burnt Harbour, Long Island. No not that Long Island, the one where my parents grew up, in Newfoundland. For fun, I studied each fragment and tried to imagine the piece as part of a whole object. My first instinct was to use that object as a writing prompt but that went nowhere. They did spark another idea, and here is the first in what I hope is a long series of pieces inspired by found objects.


Burnt Harbour Fragment #1; relief carving in basswood with detritus – 8″ x 9″


This next piece was done in the spring after a call for work for a local exhibit called Paint Pine Grove. It is hung now at the gallery at the Liverpool town hall with the work of other local artists. I guess this means that I have gone pro.


“Spring Cycle Through Pine Grove” – acrylic on canvas, 14″ x 20″


It’s been a busy summer and so far I’ve had lots of fun adventures. I’m leaving for another this afternoon. When the dust settles I’ll open that tickle trunk, choose the appropriate costume, and tell you all about it. But right now there is a backpack to pack.

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