….or We Spread Our Tiny Wings and Flew

How, you might ask, did we know it was time to head north? Well the signs were all there: the lavender was harvested,

It was exceptionally dry and the trails were too sandy to be fun for biking any more. Danged sand got in and on everything.

Not to mention, my favourite trail was blackened by a controlled burn and now as ugly as yer boot.

The geese were flocking and heading in a generally Northern direction…

and it was 30 in the shade.

So I’m back in Milton, trying to change gears, catch up with friends, unpack, uncover, restock and organize.

It’s a bit early for boats even though today was over 20 degrees. Hard to believe we had snow just last week, but only a bit.

More than the usual excitement: an osprey spent the day on the eagle crag

…and the salamanders are thawing out, though not too lively yet. I even heard someone complaining about the ticks today.

It’s good to be back.



Glad you and Lance made it back north safely.  I hope you will post photos next winter of the burned out bike trail.  It would be interesting to see how quickly–or slowly–it comes back from the burn.

Thanks for the posts, I always enjoy them.


♥ Thanks Cheryl, I will try and remember to update the trail situation. A park information poster says it comes back pretty quickly with lots of new green growth the following year. I’ll be the judge of that!!

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