Archaeological State Park Part II

…….Oh The Drama

  A while back we drove up to look at the Mullet Hole as a possible place to put the kayak in for an afternoon paddle and later I saw that there was a 1. 7 mile bike trail (that’s 2.7 km) starting there and running out to the Crystal River estuary. I’m not actually sure which park it is in; it kind of splits the difference between Crystal River Preserve State Park and Archaeological State Park – didn’t know where one left off and the other started. No matter, it was not a long trail and next to impossible to get lost. Not, however, impossible to get eaten. It looked innocuous enough:

The Mullet Hole.

but the sign said otherwise. So much for launching my old reliable inflatable kayak here. I daresay Mr. Gator has developed a taste for musty plastic over the years; enjoying that first little pop and hiss as the teeth puncture the boat, chowing down on the old squishy coffee flavoured flesh filling, then picking his teeth with the paddle.

Not arguing with those rules.

And if the gators don’t get you the pythons might. I haven’t been kayaking since I saw this on Youtube. (It’s a bit of a long video, taking down an alligator is not a real quick thing)

So I stuck to the very pleasant trail, thank you very much.

Not too scary starting off.

It got a little tighter and very rooty as I neared the end. Felt like I was riding on a Newfoundland corduroy logging roads. I was hopeful it would have the effect of one of those old fashioned weight-loss vibrating machines, but sadly all it did was loosen my teeth a little.

Into the wilds.

So a pleasant little five mile ride in the heat. I sat and had a mug up on a little park bench here where you come out at the end of the trail.  After reading the cautionary sign I will be cognizant of not bringing fishcakes or tuna or kipper sandwiches for my snack. Wonder if gators like tomato with sprouts. You’re never alone very long in Florida:

Wonder if these folks have gator repellent. 

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