Happy Foxing Day

Did you know that foxes are members of the family Canidae along with dogs? But unlike dogs, they don’t bark, they gekker. Today is the first time I have ever seen that word. Gekker. Some fox facts: the female is a vixen, the male a reynard, and the young’un a kit. They can run up to 25 MPH. (That’s 40.2 KPH for you Canadians). They are found worldwide and their favourite food is rodents. But I know for a fact they also like bologna because this little fellow used to frequent the B&B I stayed at in Northern Newfoundland to snack on breakfast left-overs.

Not all foxes are red.

So there you go. I wasn’t going to mention Fox network but I have to say I always loved how the Simpsons took great liberties in mocking them in some of their episodes; kind of like biting the hand that feeds you, eh?

To celebrate Foxing Day I dressed up in the only clothing I have that looks foresty, mixed myself a martini, and tried to look foxy. You can find your own fox mask here.


Whaddya mean, “there you are drinking again!” I have cut way down! Just look here:

My Boxing Day martini glass held fifteen of today’s sized martinis. So I’ll just have ten then. I only drink them for the olives anyway.

The only enemies of the fox are wolves, cougars and prohibitionists.


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