Rosie’s First Wedding

….or The Wedding Stalker.


There was a wedding in my neighbour’s yard yesterday. We had listened to the musicians rehearse the night before while we dined. Sublime sounds from Kathy and Dave as we seared our sausages. They set everything up early


and we all crossed our fingers and hoped that the 40% chance of showers wouldn’t occur in the late afternoon. I watched the progress through the fence.


We offered up the blue-room in the barn as a place for the groomsmen to wait for their entry cue. Of course I only did that because I was hoping they would admire Rosie on their way by. Oddly, I don’t think they saw a bit of the scenery on the way past, something else on their minds perhaps? Like getting married!


I declined an invite to sit with the guests, saying that I would watch from the barn and get  few pictures but soon I was peaking through the fence


and then hiding in the shrubbery.

IMG_5711To get a better view I snuck over behind the arbour


and the next thing you know I am in the last row behind these two fine fellows with their Peaky Blinders’ haircuts.


I just hope I didn’t photo-bomb any of the official wedding photos! I got lots of great pictures of the ceremony which I have already sent off to the neighbours for their enjoyment but couldn’t resist sharing just a few general ones for illustration with my faithful readers. This little cherub in her cowboy boots was the highlight of the day.


And yes, the rain held off, for which everyone was grateful. After the steeple debacle of the day before we were prepared for just about anything. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off for a workshop on boundaries. Thanks Larry and Cynthia for not having me arrested for prowling!!

© Judy Parsons 2015

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