Monthly Archives: November, 2021

Nov 15

Happy Birthday, Georgia O’Keeffe. (1887-1986) You have inspired so many artists to step outside the box. © Judy Parsons 2021

Fantastic Fungi

It was a wonderful year for mushrooms in Nova Scotia. By late September they were as thick as thieves and you really had to watch your step down around the boathouse. Whereas some adventurous folk might find it fun to forage mushrooms for culinary purposes, I am more inclined to dwell on the side of […]

Halloween 2021

In which my neighbour Gail and I participate in a Halloween paddle on the Mersey and I pretend that I am Georgia O’Keeffe and I eat weenie mummies. For more pics of the paddling event check out the Milton Canoe and Camera Club Facebook page © Judy Parsons 2021