Monthly Archives: November, 2019

Turkey Day part 2

…or What the Turkey Thought Gobbles: Brace yourself boy. As senior turkey ’round here, it’s my duty and my pleasure, to instruct junior turkeys in the ancient art of turkeydom. There’s some tough lessons to be learned. Take that turkey for example….Li’l Buddy: I don’t see no turkeys, Daddy. Gobbles: you sees ’em now, Sonny, […]

Turkey Day part 1

…….won’t you please join us for 2nd Thanksgiving. 1st Thanksgiving being Canadian Thanksgiving which we celebrated with family and friends back in October. I know, it’s a little late to join us now – the turkey is reduced to sliced meat and broth but maybe next year. Here’s how we do the Tickle Trunk thanksgiving […]

In the News Today

… Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid My gracious, you have to be afraid of everything now. Apparently romaine lettuce is the new fugu fish. Eat it if you dare. I only notice because I thought I’d shake up Thanksgiving dinner and have a nice Caesar salad as my green side-dish. Off to Winn Dixie this […]

What are you at now?

….. or I’ve just been hooking. As far as I know there are three kinds of hookers. There’s the high falutin’ kind who work alone in their tasteful high end condos. They tend to be perfectionists. Then there’s the bordello types who work as a group; this crowd is a real mix of talent. Then […]

Fresh Baked Bread

…or When Things Go A-Rye in the Land of Milk and Honey. I got me a new bread machine cookbook. I use the machine a lot but only for the dough stage. I like the bread much better when baked in a conventional oven. I spied a recipe for honey and beer rye bread. How […]

I Can’t Get Enough of Kellie Loder

….or Kellie Loder Made Me Cry. It’s true she did. No, no, she didn’t push me down or take my husband or anything bad like that. In fact, she doesn’t even know that I exist. What she did was sing, in perfect pitch, an inspirational song that she wrote. This was at the Lunenburg Folk […]

Cuisinart Craziness

……or Then There Were Three And what is the most important meal of the day? COFFEE of course. I loves my coffee – it is a big part of my life. Preferably made strong and dark from freshly ground beans and topped off with a bit of milk. I’m not fit to live with without […]