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At Home – Flora

….or Everything’s Coming Up Roses I wish my camera had a feature whereby I could capture scent as well as image because I’d really like to share the smell of these old fashioned roses. It is by far my favourite floral fragrance. The bees seem to love them as much as I do. Old fashioned […]

Facing Fears, part 5

…the debriefing. “How were the bugs?” I was asked. “Pretty unhappy I should think given how many of them I killed.” I answered. “And frustrated too, given the excellent defense the repellent offered.” “Don’t you mind being in the woods alone?” Someone else asked. “My dear, you are never alone in these woods. There’s the […]

Facing Fears, part 4

… which I am glad I stayed the second night and would have stayed another if I’d booked it. The second night in the hammock tent was very similar to the first in terms of temperature and nocturnal noises. It was, however, a very different experience mentally. The loons still wailed mournfully at the moon, […]

Facing Fears, part 3

….Afternoon, in which I realize I have nothing to fear. In the deep dark of the previous night I had decided to forfeit my campsite fees and give up and go home early but the beauty of the lake in the morning made me change my mind and I settled in for the duration. Lunch […]

Facing Fears, part 2

…..the first morning, in which I enjoy the fruits of my labour. It was a bit of a rough night in the old hammock tent. Oh yes, it was comfortable enough and I was plenty warm, thanks for asking, but as tired as I was, sleep was not forthcoming. First it was because the wind […]

Facing Fears

….in which I go into the not-so-deep, not-so-dark woods. Today’s costume: boater. It seemed like a marvelous idea when I chose my Keji (pronounced ked’-gee) campsite way back when I was avoiding Canadian winter. Kejimkujik is one of two National Parks in Nova Scotia and sites get booked up quickly. I picked mid-June because I […]