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…..or I’m going to build me a glass house and then go buy a bag of rocks. But first I have to show you this: My sister says that a double yolk foretells a pregnancy. Does this mean I’m having twins or quintuplets? Shiver me timbers!! Speaking of “shiver me timbers”, I came across a […]

Today’s Costume: Glazier

…..or You Can’t Have Too Many Hobbies. For Christmas I received vouchers for two stained glass classes at GlassWerx, which is just a ten minute ride up the road. I didn’t run the risk of leaving town before I got to use them and now I’m hooked. So much fun. Here are some pictures of the […]

Travel-Blog #25

…or a visit with the work of the old masters. I tend, when viewing art at the National Gallery in DC, to spend a short time with the painting then take a picture of it and the title so that I can look it up again and spend more time with it when I get home. Like […]

Travel-Blog #24

…or A Day at the Mall. That’s the Washington Mall which is a long stretch of park extending from Capital Building to the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC. It contains many of the Smithsonian museums and is a great place for people watching. I made my way there while we were stopped in Falls Church, […]

Campground Yoga

   This morning I watched an older couple head down the lane with their yoga mats under their arms. I too could be doing that, I thought to myself, going to the free yoga sessions on the beach on Tuesdays and Thursdays. But it would mean more shopping; a yoga mat, yoga pants, and an […]

Last Kick at Christmas

….or Have You Had Enough of Christmas Yet? I usually have Christmas back in the box by Old Christmas Day or January 6th. Indeed, it didn’t take too long to wind up the set of lights and put the pine cones in a bag. The pineapple I decorated has long since been eaten and our […]

Jamestown VA

   If you’re not into the bare bones of an archaeological dig, especially on a cold day, then you would probably find the Jamestown Settlement museum more to your liking. It is associated with a gallery of exhibits but the highlight is the living history area where you will find a Powhatan Indian Village, A […]

To Build a Boat (kit) day ?

…or Jane of All Trades, Master of Some (or Mistress of Some as the case may be) I’ve lost track of how long I have been building my watercraft. Days, weeks. It’s coming along nicely and with the second coat of epoxy on the hull it would now float were I to launch prematurely. It […]

Next stop: Boston

On we go to Boston in search of warm weather and spring. We left Maine on icy roads lined by arches of birch saplings bent over and frozen to the ground like they were recognizing and paying respect to our quest. Spring. I think not yet. We didn’t actually stay in Boston but in Waltham. […]

The Store Loft

Have I mentioned before how long it takes me to get around to things these days? I finally got my winter studio up and running and it is what, March? I’ll just have things rolling along nicely and it will be time to move it all back out to the barn loft. Sigh. I have a […]