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Tool of the Week #3

….or Meet My New Chicken Lifters. Once, a long time ago and far far away, while at work, I Googled “lifting techniques” to find some images for a presentation I was giving on how to use good body mechanics. Ha. I hit enter and the screen was flooded with thumbnail photos of boobs in all […]

Today’s Costume: Biker

…..NO, no, not that kind of biker!  Bicycler. Our area of Florida has some real nice biking trails; paved, no hills to speak of, not overly crowded. But my favourite trail is an unpaved seven mile loop through Crystal River State Park. I always see critters there – wild turkeys, wild hog, armadillos, raccoons. Thankfully […]

New Acrylic

….An Early Start On Easter. Last year I painted a pink lily from Lance’s garden. I wanted an orange one to go with it – I now like that one better and will revisit the pink lily to try and add a little more depth. Later. Maybe next year.   Is it wrong to love your palette scraps […]

Old Fashioned Goodness

….or Who Do You Think You’re Foolin’? (rant alert) I spotted this beverage at the fruit and vegie stand. They sell a lot of good stuff there besides the usual oranges and farm fresh eggs; you can buy blackstrap molasses, local honey and Amish cheeses. They had this beverage in a cooler by the counter. […]

Feb 17 – Saddest Day Ever

…..or good-bye Mom. This eulogy is not a chronological list of the events of Mom’s life. It is as much about her us, her children, as it is about Mom, for these are the events which shaped our lives, which made us who we are today. Our mother  Phyllis  was born to Cecil and Beatrice ___ […]

Tool of the Week #2

…or No, Not HIM, silly, something much more useful. This week’s chosen tool is the humble melon baller. I have one in all my kitchens cause you never know when you are going to have to make a melon ball or two. It also comes in handy for coring pears: So that you can make a […]

Says it all

I made a vow to myself I wouldn’t get political in my Blog, wouldn’t use the T word, wouldn’t rant about, well, you know who – but darn it, it is just too easy. Please forgive me for posting this link but I have to share it; the best bit of forecasting I saw so far today.  Click […]

Tool of the Week

….or Can You Have Too Many Hobbies? I can do a lot of stuff. I have gathered around me the tools and accouterments required to do that stuff. There is (are?) a dozen things I could do on any given day  to keep myself busy and out of trouble. So why is it that many […]

Happy Detoxing Day

…..or In Pillory I’m completely over the pox Constitution as strong as an ox But I’d like a wee glass As I sit on me ass So be a doll and open these stocks! Thank God the Twelve Days of _oxing are over and done with. Now before you run out and schedule a real […]

Happy Poxing Day

Well, I am spending Poxing Day hanging over a bucket in bed with the Christmas Pox. Maybe a little glass of wine will help me feel better. No, I’m sure all the celebrating had nothing to do with this pesky pox. Could you pass me the bottle please, these little ones go down pretty fast. […]