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On the Fifth Day of Christmas

My True Love Gave to Me…. Down at Florida Seaside Villa Lancelot: Honey, just wait til you see what a deal I got on white balls. Judith: Oh sweetie, the pattern on them matches the little sleigh ornament Aunt Millie sent! Lancelot: Meant to be dear. Bought four, got one free. Judith: My gracious, if […]

On The Fourth Day of Christmas

..My True Love Gave to Me Down at Florida Seaside Villa Judith: Oh honey, four little angels!! Might as well set them up inside. But what’s with that odd one out? Lancelot: It was buy three, get one free, on Christmas items at the Goodwill. Judith: Well she is just a little rustic but quite […]

On the Third Day of Christmas

…My True Love Sent to Me Down at Florida Seaside Villa Judith: Oh those penguins are so precious dear, but better bring them inside. Too easy to carry them off. Lancelot: But I got them with little built in bells so we can hear them being moved. Nifty, eh? Judith: Over your snores? Better bring them […]

On the Second Day of Christmas

..My True Love Gave to Me: Down at Florida Seaside Villa Judith: Oh my heavens, they’re soooo sweet – his and hers snowpeople! You must have paid a fortune for them! Lancelot: Naw, picked them up up at the Thrift Store for a song. Lancelot: One of them is missing his nose but I can […]

On the First Day of Christmas

…My True Love Gave to Me It might have been the cheap strawberry flavoured wine, or the candy I found left in a box that I thought was empty (what did those Nuns put in their caramels?) I dunno. I lay down for a minute and next thing you know I was transported to Christmas […]

Tree’s Up

….or Let’s Get Nautical. Okay folks, I’ve really scaled it down this year. My thrift store tree is only a foot and a half high. It started out being smothered in little coloured lights. Cute for a day or two then I stripped it down and started again. Nautical theme. What can I say, at […]

Thrift Store Delights

……And The Not So Delightful. Thrift Store shopping has become my favourite indulgence but it is not without its frustrations. Like the old feller said; you gotta eat a lot of Cracker Jacks to get to that prize. Like this one Ooooh, red. Oooh, Bodum brand. Oooh, unbreakable, perfect for the camper. Well, all I […]

Backyard Critters

….or Doo Doo Doo Lookin’ Out My Back Door. That’s an exaggeration of course; no elephants or tangerines in our backyard. Or was it tambourines? (Is this a mondegreen;  a case of misunderstood song lyrics?)  Here are two of the most recent visitors to our back yard.   He/she’s been by to see us twice […]

Deconstructing Thanksgiving Dinner

…or what I learned in 2 hours at Food Foto School. In which I correct my own homework AND get to recycle my Second Thanksgiving dinner photos. On the table: I recently attended a seminar in Halifax called Blogjam – a convention for Bloggers. (I capitalize that because we Bloggers are so important) By far […]

Avian Action on the Mersey

…or Have You Ever Seen an Eagle Swim? I have. But I don’t have a picture. That’s kind of like telling about the size of the trout that got away, I know, but if I had left the window to get my camera I would have missed the action. But first some housekeeping. At the […]