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On the Third Day of Christmas 2019

… true love gave to me: © Judy Parsons 2019

On the Second Day of Christmas 2019

….. my true love gave to me:

On the First Day of Christmas 2019

….My true love sent to me:

Merry Christmas 2019

Christmas Eve

…and not a creature was stirring… because they were too overloaded with food! Last night we chowed down while we watched A Christmas Story – my favourite Christmas movie. (As a kid it was always Heidi) The cheese ball turned out to be more of a cheese glop and the swaddled baby Jesus pizza buns […]

What Am I at Now.. might ask. Oh you know, the usual stuff; making things, baking things, and hanging elves. The Christmas baking went well. I made knock-off Harry and David almond blackberry galettes that are so good that they make me swear when I eat them. To what do I swear? To diet. In January. After the cookies […]

Waste Not, Want Not

…or Santy Says have a Thrifty Christmas. I’ve got tons of cheap little wooden ornaments and some pretty funky Santa Clauses from the thrift store. What to do with them all? Santy said “Make yerself a wreath.” So I did, but it did require some investment. I needed spray paint for the knobs I salvaged […]

Tracking 2

…or Don’t Touch That, You Don’t Know Where It’s Been Well my package of photos finally arrived one day after their estimated arrival date. A few years ago I would have thought that was just normal time spent processing and travelling. Now, thanks to the wonders of tracking I can see that the processing happened […]


…or When Life Mimics a Tom Robbins Novel Isn’t package tracking a marvelous thing. Years ago you sent off your money in a money order (because you heeded your mother’s stern advice “do not send cash in mail”) and waited patiently until the little white card appeared in your mailbox telling you that there was […]

Turkey Day part 2

…or What the Turkey Thought Gobbles: Brace yourself boy. As senior turkey ’round here, it’s my duty and my pleasure, to instruct junior turkeys in the ancient art of turkeydom. There’s some tough lessons to be learned. Take that turkey for example….Li’l Buddy: I don’t see no turkeys, Daddy. Gobbles: you sees ’em now, Sonny, […]