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Birds of the Neighbourhood

….or Let’s Take a Break from Boats. Here’s a small selection of birds we have spotted from our backyard since we got back this spring.                     I believe that the neighbourhood has gone to the birds. Click on any photo for a larger view. © Judy […]


….or Finally, a Little Colour in the Landscape             © Judy Parsons 2015 Click on any picture for a larger view.

Travel-Blog #23

….or The Long Road Home. That is, to my other home. The Northern one. Where I am right now, sitting by a roaring fire toasting my tootsies. But I will back track to fill you in. The first leg of our return journey was from Florida to Raleigh, North Carolina. The drive was unremarkable except for one […]

Travel-Blog #13

….or a Day in the Life of the Tin Can Tourists. It has been a good stay here in the Florida Keys but we will be moving on tomorrow. Here’s a typical day: It has been a treat to see the sunrise without even getting out of bed: No point in getting up until the […]

Travel-Blog #12

….or I Always Get What I Want. I mentioned a couple of days ago how I have been saying that I thought that a hermit crab would make an ideal pet but we were blessed with Crabby who is more of a hole crab than a hermit. Well yesterday, wouldn’t you know it, a hermit crab […]

Back to Boatbuilding

…or how I’ve completely lost track of how long I have been building a boat. We returned from our trip to Virginia to find it was autumn on the river. The colours this year were at their best. I was keen to get back to boatbuilding. Before we left I epoxied the puzzle joints of […]

Still stopped in Alabama

We stopped in Alabama longer than anywhere else on our road trip. It was nice to settle into a place. It is no longer a functioning farm; the fields have been leased for grazing and hay, but it still has that farmhouse feel. Here’s some pics:               I suppose […]

Next stop: Alabama

Well, we’ve been back in NS for some time and signs of spring are starting to appear – the daffs out, azalea buds are just about to burst into bloom, and the air is thick with mate-seeking midges. But let me take you back to our U.S. road trip a few more times before I […]


….Not the Musical. Yesterday, on my way out of the supermarket, I was standing by the notice pillar reading the ads for country music jam sessions, Mother’s Day lobster dinner take-out, and hand written notes with little tear off tabs advertising housekeeping services, when I was surprised by a little hesitant tap on my arm. I turned to see […]

Next stop: Washington DC

 Well, actually it was Fall’s Church, Virginia, which is within spitting distance of DC. We took this time to recoup, get a break from driving, do laundry, and hang out with family. Not much sign of spring around the house, with the bare trees and winter lawn. It was cold and we needed a jacket […]