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….or Time to Fatten Up For Winter. Fall sneaks up on us in a subtle way. It is not just the colour changes that gives it away. One day you notice that you are wearing long sleeves, you drive with the car windows all closed, and you think you overslept because it is dark when you […]

Today’s Costume: Baker

…..Pop Goes the Blogger. Baking is a little like childbirth. The minute it is over your brain forgets the whole misery of the event and you are left with the sweetness. Let me explain. Seemed like a great idea for a Thanksgving treat for dinner tomorrow. Cake pops. There will be pumpkin pie of course but […]

Questions of the Day

……or Whaaat? Question number one: How many faces can you find in your touton? You have probably heard of the incident of someone finding Jay Leno’s face on their potato? Or that of Mother Theresa smiling from the side of a cinnamon bun? Then there was Whoopie Goldberg’s face on a slice of onion. Well, I wish this […]

Keji Adventure Part 2

……. in which I continue to devour buns. Last evening after I posted I went back to have main meal number 2: When it got dark I built the obligatory campfire.   and went to bed. I dreamed about a long straggly line of people walking in a bright green field. They were all on their […]

Happy Easter

………What!!? No buns? I find it odd. It seems like the Easter Bunny is overtaking the fellow after whom the holiday was originally devoted but there doesn’t seem to be any protest. At Christmas there were plenty of ‘Keep Christ in Christmas’ signs but not a single ‘Keep Easter about Jesus’ sign appeared this past week. […]

Foraging Further Afield

…in which I go into the woods. So, having been unable to find greenbrier in sufficient quantities in my own backyard, I decided to head across the road to see if I could find a large enough root to make beer. Back at my other home I would have just slipped on a pair of sneakers and […]

Foraging for Food

….or getting down to the root of it all. Earlier in February I attended a lecture at the Florida Natural Plant Society on edible wild plants. The speaker, Peggy Sias Lantz, stood on a little raised stage with a table in front on which were buckets full of various types of greenery. She had gathered all of […]

Strawberry Season?

……or fact: Maintaining an appropriate seasonality is a basic ecological requirement for all organisms (Powell/Logan 2005).   I smelled them before I saw them while heading for the bin of oranges at the market stand a couple of days ago. The aroma of fresh strawberries smacked my limbic system to attention and like a setter sensing […]

T’was the Day After Christmas

……..or Watch Out B’ys, She’s Gonna Blow. It’s Boxing Day. No need to wish anyone a ‘happy’ or ‘merry’ boxing day, it just is, that’s all. I like to think that it is the day that Christmas goes back in the box for another year, but traditionally that is on January 6th, Old Christmas Day. […]

Berry Heaven

….Blueberry heaven that is, blue gold, Newfie tea¹…..  The call came early: “Want to go berry-picking?” The response was swift “Yes, indeed I do?” Me and blueberries go way back and even as a kid I never turned down an invitation to go picking. My first watercolour was a bunch of blueberries and I embroidered […]