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Boatbuilding 2

The wherry now has hatch holes; one forward and one aft. It took me half a day to work up to cutting them. It meant more work with a power tool and an error here would be most visible. I don’t think I drew a breath until they were finished. The cut-outs become the hatch covers. The […]

Back to Boatbuilding

…or how I’ve completely lost track of how long I have been building a boat. We returned from our trip to Virginia to find it was autumn on the river. The colours this year were at their best. I was keen to get back to boatbuilding. Before we left I epoxied the puzzle joints of […]

To Build a Boat (kit) day 29

 ♬ Tis the last rose of summer, Left bloomin’ all alone ♪ I love these late summer days. On Friday I was ever so tempted to take the kayak and the Hennessy Hammock tent and make a run for Keji.  It is a good thing that I am totally smitten with my new boat project […]

To Build a Boat (kit) day 25

….or I Did the Math. But that was yesterday so I need to do the math again. Sigh.    How can you not love a fresh wood shaving. They are mysterious, fun, and most useful. They remind me of every version of Pinocchio I ever read. But mostly they remind me of my father. When I was a […]

To Build a Boat (kit) day ?

…or Jane of All Trades, Master of Some (or Mistress of Some as the case may be) I’ve lost track of how long I have been building my watercraft. Days, weeks. It’s coming along nicely and with the second coat of epoxy on the hull it would now float were I to launch prematurely. It […]

To Build a Boat (kit) Day 14

… or Saint Peter to the Rescue. Last night I was wondering who is the patron saint of boatbuilders. It is, I discovered, Saint Peter. He must have been working over-time and I hope he gets a big fat paycheck or at least a little upgrade on the gilding on his harp, because he came […]

To Build a Boat (kit) day 11

…or 5 important questions. #1 – WHO? An afflicted human from the “Are you my Mummy” episode of Dr. Who? Your Grandma after just inhaling some questionably legal therapeutic vapours? The author after a week of left-over baked beans? Naw, just me at the end of a long day with the epoxy. #2 – WHAT? […]

To Build a Boat (Kit) days 8 & 9

…or Factory Work Not much to show, not much to tell. The last two days have been busy with gluing, pulling the wires which held the planks together, and cleaning up in preparation for fibreglass. I had planned to start yesterday but it was 30 degrees in the shade by the time I was done […]

To Build a Boat (kit) day 4

 …or just call me the queen of clamps. Today was the first full day I have put in. And full it was. I was off to the building supply store before breakfast for safety goggles and more clamps. Good luck my dears in Liverpool if you need to buy a clamp this week. I have […]

To Build a Boat (kit) Day 3

I totally forgot to take a picture before I shut down for the night. The bulk of the project was covered in plastic for the night when I just ran back out to take a couple of shots. It was a long day. I didn’t get to start until after lunch and once again, the […]