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Season Opener

….or The Song My Paddle Sings Well, as the coats of varnish go slowly onto the Expedition Wherry one by one I found time to pretty up and launch Paddle Song. Other than the workboats she was the first one in at the marina. No, I know, it’s not a competition. She looked pretty spiffy […]

Today’s Costume: Boatbuilder

…in which I get back to the business of building boats.   Just before I left last fall I put my unfinished boat to rest. I covered the windows to keep the winter sun off her and I made sure she wasn’t in under any of the spots which had previously leaked. I covered her up. […]

Travel-Blog #17

…..or up the creek with a paddle and a spare; a kayak review.  Skipper Judy here. I’m probably not the best person to give advice on a kayak. I have only tried several and none of them real expedition boats, but I can give you my impression of my new-to-me inflatable. Thirty years ago I […]

Boatbuilding 2

The wherry now has hatch holes; one forward and one aft. It took me half a day to work up to cutting them. It meant more work with a power tool and an error here would be most visible. I don’t think I drew a breath until they were finished. The cut-outs become the hatch covers. The […]

Back to Boatbuilding

…or how I’ve completely lost track of how long I have been building a boat. We returned from our trip to Virginia to find it was autumn on the river. The colours this year were at their best. I was keen to get back to boatbuilding. Before we left I epoxied the puzzle joints of […]

To Build a Boat (kit) day 29

 ♬ Tis the last rose of summer, Left bloomin’ all alone ♪ I love these late summer days. On Friday I was ever so tempted to take the kayak and the Hennessy Hammock tent and make a run for Keji.  It is a good thing that I am totally smitten with my new boat project […]

To Build a Boat (kit) day 25

….or I Did the Math. But that was yesterday so I need to do the math again. Sigh.    How can you not love a fresh wood shaving. They are mysterious, fun, and most useful. They remind me of every version of Pinocchio I ever read. But mostly they remind me of my father. When I was a […]

To Build a Boat (kit) day ?

…or Jane of All Trades, Master of Some (or Mistress of Some as the case may be) I’ve lost track of how long I have been building my watercraft. Days, weeks. It’s coming along nicely and with the second coat of epoxy on the hull it would now float were I to launch prematurely. It […]

To Build a Boat (kit) Day 14

… or Saint Peter to the Rescue. Last night I was wondering who is the patron saint of boatbuilders. It is, I discovered, Saint Peter. He must have been working over-time and I hope he gets a big fat paycheck or at least a little upgrade on the gilding on his harp, because he came […]

To Build a Boat (kit) day 11

…or 5 important questions. #1 – WHO? An afflicted human from the “Are you my Mummy” episode of Dr. Who? Your Grandma after just inhaling some questionably legal therapeutic vapours? The author after a week of left-over baked beans? Naw, just me at the end of a long day with the epoxy. #2 – WHAT? […]